Survey Finds Manufacturers Still Battling Corrosion

Corrosion is a frequent problem for about half of manufacturers recently surveyed -- and an occasional problem for many others -- shows a recent survey by Altran Corp. Nearly half of those surveyed say corrosion most often affects their manufacturing systems' functionality or operability -- while 24% say corrosion renders their systems inoperable. Other findings from Altran's Survey on Corrosion Control:

  • Corrosion is most often controlled with protective coatings (76% of respondents) and by choosing corrosion-resistant materials (76%).
  • More than half (56%) say they always include materials selection for corrosion resistance as part of the design process with new products/systems.
  • Environments most affected by corrosion: high-humidity (49%) and chemically aggressive (45%).
  • Equipment most commonly affected by corrosion: cooling systems (78%), piping (76%), pressure vessels (65%), and chemical processing equipment (63%).
Boston-based Altran Corp. provides engineering consulting services. The survey polled manufacturers in the New England area and Altran customers throughout the U.S.
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