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Survey Finds Need To Fine-Tune Work Teams

Even the most advanced companies need help improving work-based teams, according to a recent survey conducted by the Work in America Institute Inc. (WAI), Scarsdale, N.Y.

WAI asked its members and other industry leaders to select research topics that would have the greatest value for their businesses. Ninety-five percent of the respondents -- representing 100 leading U.S. companies -- gave highest priority to "teamwork: creating and sustaining team-based organizations." Respondents ranked teamwork ahead of compensation, organizational change, performance management, training, labor-management relations, and recruitment and retention strategies.

In response to this need, WAI is inviting corporate and union members to join with experts and WAI staff in its newest research project, Dream Teams: Learning from Success. The 18-month project will create a national network for the exchange of best team practices; identify ways to create, strengthen, and expand true dream teams; develop guidelines and tools for their support; and demonstrate principles of effective teamwork through case studies. For more information call Jill Casner-Lotto at 941/472-9600.

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