Survey: Industrial Buyers Expect Internet To Spur Productivity Increases

Compiled By Jill Jusko Nearly all industrial buyers responding to a recent survey say they expect the Internet to improve productivity in 2002, with sales and services most likely to experience productivity gains. The February survey -- part of the Thomas Register Industrial Purchasing Barometer survey series -- was conducted randomly among the Thomas's pool of opt-in industrial buyers. According to the survey, fully 99% of respondents believe the Internet will spur productivity gains. Asked to identify areas where it will most boost gains, 44% of respondents said sales and services, 34% said purchasing, 11% said product design and 8% said supply-chain management. Just 1% of those surveyed said the Internet will have no impact on productivity. provides free online sourcing information. Additional features include access to computer-aided-design drawings and requests for quotes.

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