Survey: Job Seekers Likely To Dance Around The Truth

There are some questions a job seeker hates to be asked. However, if those questions are asked, a new survey suggests that many executive job seekers are not above bending the truth. According to a recent survey by international executive recruiters Korn/Ferry International, when asked to select three types of information most likely to be fabricated by executive candidates, the top answers were: reasons for leaving prior job (69%), results/accomplishments (68%) and job responsibilities (45%). "Sometimes candidates are uncomfortable about having been laid off or let go," explains Robert A. Damon, president, North America for Korn/Ferry. "But rather than obfuscate or alter the reasons for leaving, it's always best to be straightforward about the situation -- the reality is that downsizing and restructuring have lost much of their stigma." What other information is likely to be fabricated? Compensation (39%), education (24%) and dates of employment (20%) also test job seekers' truthfulness. This survey was conducted during one week in May. More than 300 Korn/Ferry consultants were asked to provide responses.

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