Survey: More Can Be Done To Reward Good Workers

By Dave Schafer More than one-third of executives polled in a recent survey said efforts to recognize and reward staff for a job well-done are inadequate. The survey, developed by OfficeTeam, an Menlo Park, Calif.-based administrative staffing firm, and conducted by International Communications Research, drew responses from 150 executives with the nation's largest 1,000 companies. They were asked: "How effective or ineffective are businesses today in rewarding their employees for good performance?" Sixty-four percent of the executives said companies are effective in acknowledging top performers, while 35% said they were not. "Rewarding strong performers is a smart business strategy in any hiring environment," Liz Hubler, OfficeTeam executive director, says. "By recognizing outstanding results, managers motivate employees to achieve greater productivity while also reinforcing behavior they want others to emulate." Hubler offers a few tips for recognizing good workers:

  • Remember the power of "thank you."
  • Reward with such things as extra days off, recognition during a staff meeting, or a mention in the company newsletter.
  • Express appreciation via e-mail and copy the employee's supervisor.
  • Reward employees as soon as they deserve it rather than waiting for predictable dates or occasions.
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