Survey: Poor Lighting Dims Worker Productivity

Poor lighting in their workplaces triggers watery or tired eyes, say 56% of office workers in a recent Steelcase Workplace Index survey. Another 30% say they get headaches from poor lighting. And eight out of 10 workers say they experience lighting glare. It's a factor on computer screens (57%), reading material (37%) and directly in workers' eyes (18%). The survey found 38% of workers say the light level on their work area is too dim or too bright. To compensate, some bring their own lighting from home, or remove or block the too-bright workplace light. Three out of four workers say improved lighting could help them be more efficient and productive. The Steelcase Workplace Index, a semiannual survey gauging workplace trends in the U.S., is conducted for Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Steelcase Inc., a workplace products manufacturer. Previous survey topics include filing habits, working weekends, and shortened lunch hours.

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