Survey Says 'Face Time' A Must For Career Advancement

Compiled By Tonya Vinas Despite companies' allowing, and in some cases mandating, off-site work arrangements, 400 senior business executives say time in the office is a must for career advancement. They reported their opinions to Washington, D.C.-based ITRA Realty Group, which released the findings in the 2001 National Business Survey. The report says that 90% of companies have alternative working arrangements such as telecommuting, hoteling, job sharing and compressed work weeks. A similar survey in 1998 showed only 62.5% of companies offered such arrangements. Despite this increase, which has been fueled in part by companies' desire to reduce overhead costs, executives don't think highly of workers who participate in such arrangements. According to the survey:

  • 72% of respondents agreed with the statement, "There is no substitute with face time at the office to advance one's career."
  • At 45% of companies that offer alternative work arrangements, respondents agreed with the statement, "Telecommuters do not advance as quickly on the career track as office-based executives." (In 2000, 40% agreed with that statement, a marked increase from the 27% who agreed in 1998.)
  • Half of the executives agreed with the statement, "Working parents who spend one or more days a week at home are at a career disadvantage."
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