Survey Suggests Employees Worry Less About Accounting Woes

By John S. McClenahen Despite all the media coverage of questionable financial practices and unethical executive behavior at some U.S. companies, a surprisingly large majority of employees trust and respect their companies leaders, a new survey shows. Some 86% of U.S. employees have "a great deal" or "a moderate amount" of trust in the people who lead their companies, reveals an April survey conducted by the Gallup Organization and UBS AG, a Swiss-based financial services firm. Roughly the same percentage -- 87% -- have "a great deal" or "moderate amount" of trust in the finance and accounting executives at their companies. Some 90% of the employees surveyed say their senior management is trying to do what's best for customers; 86% say senior management is honest and ethical; and 81% say their companies' executives are good leaders. However, a smaller percentage -- 71% -- of employees say senior executives are worth what they are paid.

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