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Survey: Work Environment More Important To Employees

To keep employees satisfied today, it takes an entirely different approach than it did six years ago. Indeed, one-third of the executives surveyed by Robert Half International Inc. now say that the work environment is the most critical factor in keeping an employee satisfied in today's business world. In 1993 only 9% said that the work environment was an important factor in keeping employees satisfied. Other critical factors: praise and recognition, and compensation -- each cited by 28% of those surveyed. Six years ago praise and recognition was at the top of the list, cited by 47% of those surveyed, followed by promotion. The other big changes: only 4% of executives say that promotions are a big factor in keeping employees satisfied compared with 26% who said that in 1993. And 28% now cite compensation and benefits as a critical factor in employee satisfaction compared with just 7% in the 1993 survey. "For a growing number of workers, corporate culture is the key determinant in their choice to stay with an organization long term," says Max Messmer, chairman and CEO, Robert Half International. "Today's professionals are placing greater emphasis on issues ranging from management style and degree of autonomy to intellectual challenge and relaxed dress-code policies."

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