Survey: Workers Feel Unmotivated, Underutilized

Interviews with more than 1,000 workers -- many of them in manufacturing -- by Adele Lynn, founder of Lynn Learning Labs in Belle Vernon, Pa .-- reveal why productivity still lags in many workplace environments.

Nearly 60% of those interviewed feel that their company's leaders don't care about them as people, and added that their opinions and suggestions fall on deaf ears. Almost 40% said their immediate supervisor does not set a good example of commitment and passion for work, and 31% said their leaders or managers just go through the motions each day.

The end result: Even though 85% of workers said they would be willing to give ideas or opinions if they were asked by management, a staggering 85% said they believe they are simply underutilized at work. Lynn Learning Labs provides training and development services. The survey was conducted as research for the book, In Search of Honor: Lessons From Workers On How To Build Trust.

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