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Survey: Workers Leave Because Jobs Disappoint Them

Why do people quit their jobs? Often its because they just dont fit into the job they were hired to do. Thats what nearly 40% of employees interviewed in exit surveys told employers in a recent nationwide survey conducted by Princeton, N.J.-based Caliper, a global psychological testing and human resource consulting firm. Another 26% cited a better-paying job as the reason for their job switch. But the fact that the greatest percentage quit because the job didnt match their expectations -- that is, not challenging enough, or with slim potential for advancement, or no decision-making ability -- means that employers should think twice before filling empty positions "with anyone who seems even remotely appropriate," says Herbert M. Greenberg, president and CEO of Caliper. "This short-term solution rarely works because as soon as new employees realize their jobs dont fit, they become disgruntled and start looking elsewhere. [That] leaves the company with the same empty seat, as well as a deepening negative impact on the entire organization."

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