System Allows Management Of E-Mail Via Microsoft Exchange, NT

Manage targeted e-mail campaigns over the Internet or company intranet with Internet Marketing Manager software for Microsoft Exchange by NTP Software. The software can read customer, contact, employee, or other lists from most databases, spreadsheets, and text files using a point-and-click interface to extract e-mail names, construct groupings,and send personalized messages to a target audience. Its multi-tasking capability allows simultaneous processing of requests from different users on a single server. These capabilities allow users to take full advantage of the flexibility and easy programming of Microsoft Exchange and NT, and were previously available only with products that run under UNIX operating systems, according to the company. "We serve all the key departments in our organization such as human resources, customer service, finance, and technical support," says George Blombach, product manager, Earthlink, a large Internet Service Provider headquartered in Pasadena, Calif. "We needed a product to manage internal communications that could take full advantage of Microsoft Exchange. Internet Marketing Manager provides such a solution, one that also is capable of ultimately handling external requirements," for its 2000 customers.

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