System Allows User To Control Viewing Angle Of Images

Companies adopting a new immersive imaging technology can allow visitors to their Web sites to self navigate within a scene accessed over the Internet. A recent American Museum of Science and Energy award winner, the full-motion video technology from Interactive Pictures Corp., Oak Ridge, Tenn. allows an unlimited number of viewers to choose their own perspective and camera angle, then pan and zoom within the scene using their mouse. The solution provides a 360 X 360 experience by seamlessly blending images captured by opposing fisheye lenses. "Simply put, (this technology) puts the broadcast in the hands of the viewer," says Jim Phillips, Chairman and CEO. The application has recently been deployed for viewing sporting events, concerts, and other live telecasts, but the company suggests other applications in teleconferencing, security, safety, transportation, and engineering -- any application where full knowledge of an environment is crucial.

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