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Technology Grant Program Expands

President Clinton and Commerce Secretary Bill Daley have announced the opening of eight new competitions for grants under the Commerce Dept.s Advanced Technology Program (ATP), which supports innovative, cost-shared industrial R&D. Included are the 1998 "general competition" (open to proposals from all areas of technology); three existing ATP program areas--catalysis and biocatalysis technology, digital video, and tools for DNA diagnostics; and four new programs--microelectronics, photonics manufacturing, premium power, and selective-membrane platforms. The competitions are the first in ATPs fiscal 1998 budget, as well as the first since the programs recently announced restructuring. Pre-proposals for the eight competitions are due to Commerces National Institute of Standards and Technology by Feb. 27. Information is available from the ATP World Wide Web site at or by calling 1-800-ATP-FUND.on of seasonal slowdowns, nearly every industry is still trying to find people," says Manpower CEO Mitchell Fromstein. Indeed, almost 25% of the 16,000 businesses surveyed by Manpower are seeking additional workers, and only 10% foresee staff cutbacks. The strong hiring will be in manufacturing. More than 32% of durable goods manufacturing and 26% of non-durable goods manufacturing plan to seek additional workers in early 1998.

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