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Technology Group Offers Supply-Chain Consulting Practice

Compiled By Dave Schafer E-manufacturing-solutions provider Unifi Technology Group Inc. has announced creation of a new practice designed to supply companies with metric-based supply-chain assessment, technology blueprint, and e-manufacturing technology-selection services. The program, Supply Chain Consulting Practice for Manufacturing (SCCP), is directed at manufactures in the electronics assembly, automotive, metals, and consumer packaged-goods industries. Unifi says SCCP begins with a Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR)-model value assessment that creates a customized "as-is" software model of a client's supply chain reflecting key relationships among manufacturing operations, suppliers, and customers. "The Supply Chain Council's SCOR model provides a solid basis from which a manufacturer can look objectively at its entire supply chain," says Rob Rudder, vice president, Charlotte, N.C.-based Unifi. Then Unifi works with the customer to examine which business metrics -- such as asset turns, yield, or cycle time -- can be improved and to develop a map of available e-manufacturing technology for each potential improvement. The third element of the program is e-manufacturing technology selection, during which Unifi assists the client in developing functional specifications for selection of the new e-manufacturing software technologies and constructs business scenarios that each potential vendor must exercise during package demonstration. As part of the selection process Unifi helps narrow candidate vendors to a short list and produces a recommendation.

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