Time, Products Are Most Valued Donations

Americans are least impressed by companies that donate only money and not products or time, according to a survey conducted by Hill and Knowlton and Yankelovich Partners. When asked which philanthropic activity they find most impressive, 43% of the 1,000 respondents said donating products and services, 37% said volunteering employees to help, and only 12% said giving a large sum of money.

The charitable activities most likely to make Americans have a favorable impression about a corporation are education, named by 30% of respondents, and health and welfare, named by 21%. Seventy-six percent of respondents agreed with the statement that "corporations have a much greater responsibility now than ever before to play a much greater role in responding to the needs of our society."

"It is clear from the findings that most people aren't impressed with companies that simply throw money at causes," says Judy Hamby, the director of Hill and Knowlton's strategic philanthropy unit. "They expect corporate America to show its commitment by truly being involved in charitable activities that are visible and make a tangible difference."

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