Time Squeeze Gobbling Up Traditional Lunch Hour

Nearly 20% of workers recently surveyed by OfficeTeam work through their lunch hours every day, and 43% do so at least once a week. "Demands for increased employee productivity continue to escalate, which has many workers relying on the quiet time during the lunch hour to make progress on critical tasks," says Diane Domeyer, executive director of the worldwide staffing company. The survey of 700 working U.S. employees found that 19% always work through lunch; 18% do so three to four days a week; 25% do so one to two days a week; and 38% never work through lunch. Developing a "working lunch" habit is easy, Domeyer says, but she warns it eventually becomes counterproductive. She suggests taking a walk, running an errand, or reading to clear the mind and prepare for the afternoon's work.

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