Tiny Relay Fits Tape, Reel Automation

Looking for a breakthrough in relay miniaturization and power reduction? A near-chip-sized device will be available at midyear from Omron Electronics Inc., Schaumburg, Ill. One of the smallest available for signal applications, the relay can be surface-mounted using the same equipment (tape and reels) as other devices the same size, says Omron. Using moving-loop construction, the new G6K's magnetic circuit is both more compact and more powerful than its predecessor. When the magnetic circuit is turned on, an entire loop of magnetic flux, rather than only one coil, is generated, making effective use of the relay's entire coil. In addition, the new magnetic circuit does not require a permanent magnet in the middle of the coil. That allows space for a sufficient number of coil windings, resulting in a five percent increase in the flow of current.

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