Toyota Motor Sales Improves Environment With A Bit O' The Green

In an attempt to conserve power and to reduce air pollution, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A. Inc. has contracted the services of Green Mountain Energy renewable power from will provide Torrance, Calif.-based TMS with 100% renewable GreenMountain Energy power blend that includes at least 5% new wind power from three new 750 kw turbines located in San Gorgonio, Calif. Toyota estimates under the contract it will consume the equivalent amount of energy of 6,060 California homes. The energy will be used by Toyota's U.S. headquarters in Torrance; Toyota's Logistic Services Inc. and port facility in Long Beach; Toyota's Los Angeles Regional Sales Office in Irvine; and the North American Parts Center, California in Ontario. "To have a company like Toyota take the next step and chose to support 'new' wind generation, demonstrates a real commitment on their part by taking small but important first steps toward a cleaner environment," says Julie Blunden, western regional president of has provided California consumers with alternative-energy options since 1998.

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