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Trade Groups, Manufacturers Form Alliance For Chemical Awareness

A coalition of trade associations and manufacturers has announced a joint initiative to increase public access to information on chemicals. The newly formed Alliance for Chemical Awareness plans to partner with government and nongovernment organizations to enhance the availability of information about major chemicals in commerce. The Washington-based group will first focus on chemicals being tested as part of the U.S. EPA's High Production Volume Chemical Challenge Program. These include chemicals produced or imported in amounts exceeding 1 million lb a year. More than 400 firms have volunteered to evaluate potential health and environmental hazards for more than 2,000 chemicals under the program. The results will be shared with the public. As a first step, the Alliance will develop a framework to help manufacturers and regulators assess the risks of chemicals. It will also establish a network of information sources and tools to help companies and government agencies communicate the uses, risks, benefits, alternatives, and uncertainties of chemicals.

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