TSA Accepting Comments On Proposed Air Cargo Security Plan

Interested parties have until Jan. 10, 2005, to comment on a proposed rule on air cargo security requirements. The rule has been published in the Federal Register. The proposed rule would require the adoption of security measures throughout the air cargo supply chain, explains the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA says the proposed rule is "closing the loopholes for those who would do harm to our nation and its people." The initiatives include:

  • Creating security threat assessments on individuals with unescorted access to cargo.
  • Enhancing existing requirements for indirect air carriers, such as freight forwarders.
  • Codifying and strengthening the Known Shipper program, which requires regulated parties to comply with a broad range of security requirements to qualify shippers as "known."
The complete proposed was published in the Federal Register on Nov. 10. Comments may be submitted online at http://dms.dot.gov or www.regulations.gov
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