Two New Web Sites Offer News For Women, Free Business Analysis

Women looking for business and career opportunity information can visit, Business Women's Network interactive, a site tailored specifically to women's needs and issues. A partnership of the Business Women's Network and One Family Inc., the site provides resources and news to help women in business improve their careers, learn more about required skills to succeed, and find help on issues they face. The site offers a wide range of information from procurement opportunities in both the government and the private sector, to resources for businesses in the United States and globally, to Internet access and e-commerce to expand a business. Also recently offered -- a free analysis of your business strategy as an introduction to the services of Business Resource Software Inc., Austin. Business Insight Online, an abbreviated version of the company's Business Insight software, combines information you supply with a knowledge base of business concepts to provide analyses specific to your market place. To participate, a user answers 50 questions covering channels of distribution, promotion, and competition. The result is a customized analysis.

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