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UC Berkeley, Future 500 Plan Industrial Ecology Conference

The fifth-annual conference on Industrial Ecology and the Internet Economy will be held on Oct. 5-8. The Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, and Future 500, an international business network, will host the event. Participants will include CEOs, entrepreneurs, government professionals, senior managers, venture capitalists, and environmental and social leaders. Program topics will include: sustainable learning organizations, product stewardship, measurement and management, corporate social responsibility, supply-chain management, and design for sustainability.

Guest speakers will include: Mac Bridger, CEO, Collins & Aikman; Tachi Kiuchi, CEO emeritus, Mitsubishi Electric; and Randy Hayes, president, Rainforest Action Network.

The conference will explore how principles derived from nature -- diversity, specialization, complexity -- can be applied to specific business situations in order to create adaptability and resilience.

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