Upgrade Boosts Order Management Personalization, Role-Based Visibility

Compiled By Deborah Austin Vcommerce Corp. has launched the newest release of its distributed order management solution -- V-Order Management v.2.1 -- adding enhanced access control and personalization, with expanded inventory and order visibility, alerts and key performance indicators. The V-Order Management solution was designed to provide mission critical alerts and visibility across supply chains, mitigating roadblocks such as back orders and delayed shipments. This latest version lets clients control V-Order Management content at the role and/or user level, allowing access only to those who need the supply-chain data. It also lets users personalize their views as needed, so they can get information targeted for their particular situations: for example, choosing to see only indicators dealing with inbound logistics. Vcommerce -- Scottsdale, Ariz. -- is a supply-chain execution solutions provider.

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