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UPS, Alliance Team Up For Environmental Improvements

In a corporate-environmental partnership, the Alliance for Environmental Innovation is working with United Parcel Service (UPS) to reduce the amount of natural resources needed to make its express packaging. The Alliance for Environmental Innovation is a joint initiative of the Environmental Defense Fund and The Pew Charitable Trusts. The joint project, which included an eight-month review of UPS's packaging, is expected to result in a savings of more than $1 million annually for UPS. "This initiative exceeded our expectations," says Elizabeth Sturcken, policy analyst for the Alliance. "Together, UPS and the Alliance were able to design practical packaging improvements that conserve energy, cut pollution, and reduce solid waste, while delivering better products for the customer and saving money. This is a win for the environment and UPS's bottom line, and an excellent example of business and environmental interests coming together on common ground and sharing expertise." The new packaging improvements will help increase the use of post-consumer recycled materials by 22%, cut wastewater discharge by more than 15%, and use 12% less energy compared to previous UPS packaging.

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