UPS Teams With Online PharmasMarket.Com

PharmasMarket.Com will use UPS Logistics Group as its logistics provider to create an e-commerce supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry. "We are completely transforming the industry's supply chain with our direct from manufacturer to health-care provider system that can yield savings of up to 20% through cost efficiencies," claims Jay Alperin, CEO of PharmasMarket.Com. PharmasMarket.Com. is an online business-to-business company that links health-care providers with pharmaceutical manufacturers. UPS Logistics Group, a subsidiary of United Parcel Service Inc., will deliver PharmasMarket's prescription drugs from manufacturer to health-care provider. "PharmasMarket.Com's approach to streamlining the pharmaceutical supply chain goes hand in glove with the efficient business processes, operations, and technical solutions that UPS Logistics Groups brings to bear," says John Sutthoff, senior vice president and chief operating officer for UPS Worldwide Logistics.

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