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U.S., UK And Canada Are Most E-Friendly

By John S. McClenahen In an increasingly wired world, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have the best environments for e-commerce, combining an up-to-date communications infrastructure with strong political leadership, contends a recently released study from Booz Allen Hamilton, a McLean, Va.-based consulting firm. The citizens of Canada, Sweden and the U.S. are the most involved in the "e-economy," and business "e-maturity" -- the adoption and use of online technologies -- is most developed in the U.S. and Sweden, the study says. The U.S., Canada and Australia have the strongest e-government development. The study was commissioned in March 2002 by the British government's Office of the e-Envoy and the Information Age Partnership, a group of 30 CEOs and senior managers in European information and communications technology companies.

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