Considerations for Lean Material Flow Success at Ford

The presentation revolves around Ford's efforts to move materials through its manufacturing process in a smooth, balanced fashion using a lean approach for material movement primarily using tugs and carts. It investigates the various factors that must be addressed to make the program work the first time, what to avoid and what to expect as measurable results.

Watch the presentation below by Larry Tyler, Co-Founder & principal, Kinetic Technologies, Inc. (d.b.a. K-Tec) and Larry McAdam, Lean Material Flow Manager, Ford Motor Company

In This Presentation You Will See

  • An overview of the transportation steps (in minute 5)

  • The 6R Flow and MP&L Plan (in minute 6)

  • Planning formulation (in minute 11)

  • Team roles and responsibilities (in minute 16)

  • Push-pull tests (in minute 30)

  • What they learned (in minute 38)

  • Program benefits (in minute 46)

  • and more


About the Speakers

Larry Tyler, Co-Founder & principal, Kinetic Technologies, Inc. (d.b.a. K-Tec)

Larry Tyler is co-founder and principal of Kinetic Technologies, Inc. and for the last seven years has served in various leadership capacities the most recent being vice president of sales/marketing helping customers implement lean material flow systems in their plants and warehouses. He has 28 years of prior experience with The Lincoln Electric Company and its largest subsidiary, Lincoln Canada where he lead an international program to implement operational cost reductions in plants in North America and Europe. He holds a BSE from Cleveland State University, Fenn College of Engineering and an EMBA from Case Western Reserve.

Larry McAdam, Lean Material Flow Manager, Ford Motor Company

Larry McAdam received his BSc from SUNY at Buffalo N.Y., and has been the Packaging/Material Flow Engineer at Ford Motor Co. Automatic Transmission Operations for the past 15 years. McAdam has prior experience in material handling at GM Powertrain Division and worked on various packaging design systems through Chrysler Corporation during the original launch of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.


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