Vonnegut, de Geus Headline Thinking Conference

Authors Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Arie de Geus will be two of the keynote speakers at the Innovative Thinking Conference. The event will be held Feb. 8-9 at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts in Arizona. Vonnegut Jr., author of such titles as Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five, will speak on "How to Get a Job Like Mine." Arie de Geus, author of The Living Company, will offer his perspective on how long-lived companies continuously innovate and adapt in an ever-changing world. His presentation will be titled, "Thriving on Change: A Blueprint for the Living Company." Also speaking will be Donna Shirley, program manager of the Mars Pathfinder mission; Clyde Fessler, Harley-Davidson's vice president of business development; and Jim Taylor, a futurist and former senior vice president at Gateway 2000. Five one-day workshops will be held before and after the conference.

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