Web Site Helps Manufacturers Comply With Safety Rules

By Doug Bartholomew Complying with federal and state regulatory guidelines may become a little simpler for industry as a result of a new interactive Web site, SafetyVillage.com, launched last month. Geared to meet the needs of human-resources managers, insurance companies, and small and medium sized companies, SafetyVillage.com offers a broad portfolio of safety products, information, and training for both managers and workers. In 1998 the market for B2B safety products, training, and information exceeded $21 billion. The Web site will offer more than 7,000 safety products, supplies, and equipment at discounted prices. Companies that sign on to the site provide data that is used to build a profile that is in turn used to yield an analysis of the firm's safety needs. SafetyVillage.com then provides registered companies access to all necessary implementation tools, ranging from downloadable inspection checklists to fully customized interactive Web-based training. Finally, the Web site offers an online documentation center and other software to help companies meet their daily workplace safety challenges and stay compliant with all applicable regulations.

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