Web Site Offers Pay-Per-Use Plastics-Flow Simulation

Complied By Tim Stevens Professionals working with injection-molded plastics can access flow simulation applications and other engineering services at www.plasticszone.com, hosted by Moldflow Corp., Lexington, Mass. Offered on an applied service provider (ASP) basis at the site, iMPA (an Internet version of Moldflow Plastics Advisers) allows users to chose gate locations and simulate flow conditions as molten plastic fills an injection mold. This analysis reveals potential flow problems as well as physical problems in a finished part due to inappropriate knitting of flow fronts and other rheological situations. Unlike other ASP-based flow analysis packages, the system available at www.plasticszone.com runs on the user's computer system. As a result, no proprietary data file is ever required to be sent over a public network. Instead, a user downloads the executable application to their desktop, opens a model, chooses a material and gates location, then returns to the site to offer a pay-per-use fee, and receive online authorization to begin the analysis. This enables the simulation to run on a specific model geometry on an unlimited basis. In addition to simulation, activity zones for material selection and consulting/trouble shooting are offered at the site.

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