Whirlpool Expands Commitment To Habitat For Humanity

Whirlpool Corp., Ft. Worth, has announced that it will expand its commitment to aid Habitat for Humanity. The company will donate appliances for all homes built in the U.S. and Canada under the More than Houses program, a campaign to build 100,000 homes before 2005. Each house will be equipped with a Whirlpool-brand refrigerator and freestanding range. "Our commitment symbolizes the spirit of our company and the heart of our people," says Michael D. Thieneman, executive vice president, Whirlpool North America. The company previously announced that it would donate up to $5 million in appliances for homes built by Habitat, a nonprofit, Georgia-based organization. The terms of the agreement call for Whirlpool and Habitat to collaborate in marketing and promotional campaigns with consumers and trade partners to raise awareness about Habitat's goal to build affordable housing for people in need.

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