Wind Energy Flows At Pennsylvania Industrial Park

The first commercial wind energy project in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. went live last week. Two wind turbines at the Humboldt Industrial Park began generating clean, renewable energy on Dec. 31. The two 65-kw wind turbines, located southwest of Hazleton, Pa., stand on towers that are 80 ft high. They will generate 200,000 kw-hr of wind energy each year, displacing conventional electric generation that otherwise would produce 140 tons of carbon dioxide. The wind energy also will avoid the production of 800 lb of nitrogen oxides and 1,900 lb of sulfur dioxide. The power generated by the two turbines already has been sold. In addition, two additional turbines scheduled to be built in the spring of 2000 are fully subscribed. Demand for the product among Philadelphia area businesses is driving expansion of the project.

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