Wireless Connection To ERP Information Will Be Offered By IFS

Industrial & Financial Systems (IFS), a Swedish ERP software firm with offices in Tucson, is planning to develop a wireless connection for customers to use mobile devices such as telephones to tap into company databases. IFS is collaborating with Nokia to develop and market wireless application protocol (WAP) software. Users are likely to include field sales staff and service technicians. "IFS is one of the leading suppliers of service management solutions, with customers such as SAS, BPA Service, Skanska Installation, Dalkia, and several others," says Bengt Nilsson, president of IFS. "Thanks to our base in the Nordic region, which has the greatest number of mobile phone users in the world, we have gained an advantage on our competitors." IFS will market the WAP interface as a standard component in its software. Functionality initially will include:

  • search for and presentation of service orders and work orders.
  • search for and presentation of information related to service orders; e.g., information about the customer, contracts, and fault reports from the customer.
  • reservation and ordering of spare parts.
  • reporting of work done.
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