Xerox Nears Goal Of Waste-Free Manufacturing

Compiled By Glenn Hasek Xerox Corp., Rochester, N.Y., announced this week that its recycling efforts kept 163 million lb of materials out of landfills in 1999. The accomplishment is just one of many detailed in the firm's Environment, Health and Safety 2000 Progress Report. The company's Energy Star products enabled savings of 387 million kw-hr, enough energy to light more than 300,000 U.S. homes for a year. Xerox's factories recycled 87% of nonhazardous waste last year. "Because the earth's resources are limited, Xerox established a goal of waste-free products from waste-free factories 10 years ago," says Jack C. Azar, vice president, environment, health and safety for Xerox. "While there's more work to do, we've learned that corporate responsibility and profitability go hand in hand." Since 1991 Xerox has developed products that are recyclable and can be remanufactured for more than one lifetime. Products also are designed to help customers be energy- and paper-efficient. Customers returned more than two million Xerox office and retail products cartridges last year.

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