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The Yankees Are Coming; Sign Of U.S. Investment In Britain

The number of Americans living in London increased 44% last year, from 32,667 to over 47,000, according to London First, the city's inward investment agency. The spectacular growth in the American community is largely explained by growing enthusiasm among U.S. business people for the British capital. Nearly 70% of investment that passes through London First is from the U.S., and 1,350 jobs have been created by U.S. companies in the last few weeks alone. A Dun & Bradstreet survey shows that American companies lead the way in investment in Britain. They account for nearly 7,500 UK subsidiaries, of which one third are located in London. The U.S. also is the biggest single owner in most individual sectors of the British economy. The exception is in the construction industry where the Netherlands own more British subsidiaries than other foreign countries.

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