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Yellow Freight Opens More Doors To Southern California

Compiled By Dave Schafer Yellow Freight System Inc. believes Southern California (SCA) is the gateway to the world, so the company recently opened 205 new doors to that market. The new SCA terminal in San Bernardino serves Los Angeles and the entire Southern California region. It also handles traffic formerly routed through Yellow Freight terminals in Fontana and Barstow, which closed when the SCA terminal opened. Southern California is one of the seven largest transportation markets in the world, Yellow says. "With the state-of-the-art technology Yellow Freight has at this terminal, we will be able to move shipments faster, more efficiently, and more securely than ever before," says Joe Pszeracki, area general manager, Yellow Freight. "We expect to improve service by at least one day for our customers." Pszeracki says the state-of-the-art technology includes a location system for the yard that should cut yard costs and time in half, and scanning technology to "more efficiently" track incoming and outgoing shipments. The 26-acre facility has 205 doors and about 900 trailers and will house most of the company's major functions, including business development, labor, security, corporate accounts, and training. About 400 employees from the Barstow and Fontana plants will be moved to the SCA facility. Yellow Freight System, Overland Park, Kans., is a national motor carrier offering a range of services for transportation of goods and materials.

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