Why Are So Many Tech Companies Investing in Israel

Why Are So Many Tech Companies Investing in Israel?

Investments in acquisitions range from $4 billion to $13 billion in 2012.

Considered second only to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Israel is home to an increasing number of technical companies.

According to Alanna Petrof in an article on CNN, major players including IBM, Apple and Intel have been acquring Israeli companies.

These acquisitions represent considerable investments with a range that spans Dealogic’s estimate of $4 billion since 2012, to Microsoft’s estimate of $14 billion since 2012. The large difference in numbers comes from the fact that many deals are private and are therefore not reported.

Petrof points out that the government has played an important role in this expansion as far back as 1990 when it created a funding source of over $220 million for investing in Israeli startups by partnering with both American and European investors.  Currently the government offers tax breaks, loans and grants to encourage new R&D.

Read the full article at CNN " Big tech scrambles for Israeli firms"

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