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235 MPG Car From VW In 2010

Just read Jon's post on a 100+ MPG car from here in Ohio, and wanted to drop the news (via Wired) that, although it doesn't get the same horsepower output as Jon's find, German automaker Volkswagen has plans to offer as early as 2010 a car that was designed back in 2002, and that gets a staggering 235MPG.

How'd they get there, then? New applications in automotive aerodynamics (a coefficient of drag half of the average) and ultralight materials for everything from the motor to the steering wheel, among other innovations.

According to Britain's Car magazine, the capacity goal is modest, at least initially, as production will be kept in the prototype stage:

"With assistance from key systems suppliers, the 300kg featherweight is likely to be assembled in VWs own prototype shop, which has a maximum capacity of no more than 1000 units per year."

Interestingly, the article also notes:

"That lightweight body means there's no need for bulk-adding niceties such as power steering and power brakes, while air-con will be optional. So Friends of the Earth types should not only bring lots of cash, but also a powerful deodorant."

Isn't the point of so-called "Friends of the Earth" types that they don't wear deodorant? :)

Maybe they'll get by on the sweet smell of money saved.

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