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The 3 Things Successful People Do All Day Long

One of the best pieces I have read recently comes from Chris Mayer at The Daily Reckoning, a great website that I wholeheartedly recommend for thoughts on economics, politics, and business.

In his article, Mayer quotes people like Warren Buffett and argues that the 3 things successful people do all day long include reading, conversing, and thinking.

Buffett, for example, hates meetings. Instead, he talks on the phone or in person with people who are at least as smart as, if not more so, than him: around 2 hours a day.

He also spends about 6 hours a day reading.

Lastly, he takes time to think.

In today's overloaded and shallow world, where needless information and inputs can overwhelm us, it is good to remember that the tried and true human skills of deep reading, conversation, and thought are still needed; and so often make success possible.

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