Annual Report on US-China Relationship

Last week, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission made its annual report to Congress. The Commission analyzes specific areas of the US-China relationship, including:

China's proliferation practices

the qualitative and quantitative nature of economic transfers of U.S. production activities to China

the effect of China's development on world energy supplies

the access to and use of U.S. capital markets by China

China's regional economic and security impacts

U.S.-China bilateral programs and agreements

China's record of compliance with its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments

the implications of China's restrictions on freedom of expression.

In the report, the Commission also makes several specific recommendations. For instance, it advises Congress to:

urge the Obama administration to respond to China's currency undervaluation.

examine the efficacy of the tools available to the U.S. government to address market access-limiting practices by China not covered by its WTO obligations.

direct the Department of the Treasury to fully account for all sales of U.S. government debt to foreign governments and holdings of U.S. government debt by foreign governments.

examine domestic programs available to U.S. producers to ensure that these policies are an adequate response to China's strategic promotion of the green technology sector.

request that the administration periodically issue a single report about the volume and seriousness of exploitations and attacks targeting the information systems of all federal agencies that handle sensitive information related to diplomatic, intelligence, military, and economic issues.

direct the Department of Defense to assess a variety of US military capabilities and other issues regarding Taiwan's air defense capabilities.

The 12-page Executive Summary provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges that characterize modern US-China relations, and it certainly is worth a few minutes of your time.

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