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Apple Loses its Cool

I've had this feeling about Apple for some time -- this kind of sense that things weren't right, though I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what it was.

I thought it might have something to do with its rapid-fire redundant releases or its meme-fodder software glitches. Or maybe it was the increasingly impressive devices Samsung has been churning out (have you seen that bendable screen!?) or how gross the patent feud between them has gotten.

For a long time I pointed to that iPod commercial for justification -- that hypnotizing orgy of bouncing, merging, color-shifting, shape-shifting MP3 players that was running on a loop all through December. It seemed to sum up an argument proving how far the company has strayed from Steve Jobs' simple Punnett square.

And certainly that means something isn't right. Right?

But no, it turns out that has nothing to do with it.

The problem is, Apple just isn't cool anymore.

That's what the kids say, anyway. And you can't argue with that.

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