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Barberton Ohio Just Got Cleaner Thanks to Alcoa

While the aluminum wheels produced by Alcoa at its plant in Barberton, Ohio are 100% recycled, the company is pushing further to help the environment.

A $21 million expansion of B&C Research, which is part of its Wheel and Transportation products business, will include installing an advanced recycling and casting process.

The new 35,000-square-foot facility, the first of its kind in North America according to the company, will use new technology to produce billet from remelted scrap aluminum. The aluminum billet will then be used to make new wheels.

The company estimates that it will lower its carbon footprint though a 25% reduction in energy consumption.

And let's not forget that the aluminum wheels reduce the overall weight of the car which improves fuel efficiency also.

All in all a good turn for the environment.

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