Manufacturing Savvy

Can a Free Energy Assessment Save You Money?

If you are Johnson Controls, the answer would be yes.

The company's Red Oak, Iowa facility achieved a savings of more than 10,100 million British thermal units (MMBTU).

The company conducted a 3-day audit in June 2009. As a result of the audit, Johnson Controls implemented three processes by April 2010 that saved almost 10% of the company's natural gas use at the plant.

Johnson Controls was one of 151 plants that received the "Save Energy Now" award at the Energy Efficiency Global Forum.

"Save Energy Now" is a national initiative of DOE's Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) to drive a 25% reduction in industrial energy intensity over 10 years. Through "Save Energy Now," ITP conducts no-cost energy assessments at U.S. manufacturing facilities to identify ways to reduce energy use in key industrial operations.

"This demonstrates how energy efficiency can help to strengthen this nation's energy security, environmental quality and economic vitality all with technologies and practices that are available today," said Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Cathy Zoi.

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