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A Car Buyer's Worst Nightmare

The U.S. Government, in its infinitesimal wisdom, has decided that the best thing it can do for us in this economic malaise is to step in and start taking over our banks, our insurance companies, our healthcare system, and perhaps most troubling of all, our manufacturers. I woke up the other night in a cold, damp sweat, trying to shake off the jitters of a horrible nightmare: I dreamt I was sitting behind the wheel of a new GM (for Government Motors) car designed by a committee of career politicians. Can you even imagine such a monstrosity?

Seems I'm not the only one who's had trouble sleeping lately. The editors of The Weekly Standard have also started pondering what exactly turning GM over to Washington would actually mean for the average consumer. With tongue only partially in cheek, the Standard offers a look at what a GM warranty will look like in the Age of Obama.

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