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[ARCHIVE] Learning is Change
Bill WilderLearning is Change

Change Agent Sources

During the 2013 Change Connect Symposium produced by the Association of Change Management Professionals Pacific Northwest Chapter, we facilitated a workshop on finding and developing change agents. In the workshop about 40 change management professionals divided into six groups to list their collective thoughts on four issues.

The four issues are:

  1. Required competencies of a change management professional
  2. Sources of change management talent
  3. Activites to develop change management competency
  4. Compensation and retention activities

This is the second of four blogs on the results. What are the sources of change management professionals?


  • #Change Connect 2013
  • Local University
  • Talent Management Organizations
  • Contractors
  • Internships
  • All Around Us
  • Grow Internally
  • ACMP
  • LinkedIn (Social Sites)
  • Jobs with Similar Skill Sets
  • Late Career Experienced
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