Change Management


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The Future
Systems Integration

Will Your Digital Strategy Work in the Future?

Nov. 2, 2023
Discrete manufacturers’ plans should be flexible enough to adapt to what’s coming, as well as what’s just ahead or already here.
Jeep Detroit Auto Show
Change Management

The Detroit Auto Show Is a Missed Opportunity to Showcase EVs

Sept. 19, 2023
All the sparkle and razzamatazz went into pitching gasoline-powered engines to Middle America.
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Strategic Planning & Execution

3 Steps for Automakers to Battle Headwinds, Prepare for an EV Future

Sept. 7, 2023
The number of suppliers showing signs of distress has increased since 2021.
Ford Motor Co.
Ford Bronco
Strategic Planning & Execution

Automakers' Choices Around ICE Vehicles Are Everything in the Short-Term

Aug. 8, 2023
As BEVs build momentum, the real risk arises from failing to update popular gas-powered vehicle models.
BMW Group
Bmw Manufacturing Plant Photo
Profiles in Leadership

‘We Transform While We Perform’: BMW Spartanburg Revs Up for the Shift to Electric

June 8, 2023
The president of BMW Manufacturing talks about the plant's $1.7 billion expansion and adding EVs to the assembly line.


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Ebooks & Digital Editions

eBook: Generation Now Leadership

Aug. 28, 2023
Manufacturing's young talent steps forward in this talent management guide from IndustryWeek.
Sustainable Goals
Corporate Responsibility

The Sustainability Ship Has Sailed. Latecomers, Grab a Raft and Hope for the Best

March 17, 2023
Companies have no choice. They have to comply, and they have to respond to consumer needs.
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Lose Win
Strategic Planning & Execution

Winning with Customer Case Studies: 4 Tips, 6 Pitfalls

March 2, 2023
With potential clients inundated with "credible referencing," this tried-and-true industrial marketing tool needs a fresh take.
Ev Vs Bev
Change Management

Automakers Will Burn the EV, ICE Candle at Both Ends for Years

Feb. 17, 2023
Having plenty of gas-powered and hybrid vehicles available on the lots will be a competitive advantage for OEMs for the foreseeable future.
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Welcome Farewell

Leaving the C-Suite Is Bittersweet

Feb. 16, 2023
With mixed emotions, the president of a manufacturing company makes the leap from leader to guide.