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Cisco Takes Aim At Apple's iPad

Given Apple's obvious lack of desire to enter the business hardware marketplace, I've been expecting this type of competitive product since the iPad launched -- I just didn't expect it from Cisco.

From Reuters:

Cisco is launching a tablet computing device aimed at business customers. . . a lightweight, 7-inch tablet based on Google Inc.'s Android operating system.

Cisco is pitching the Cius, which will work over both short-range WiFi and high-speed mobile wireless networks, as a collaboration and communication device for enterprises.

The Cius offers portable video conferencing, access to a users' desktop computer, e-mail messaging and Web browsing, along with applications designed for the Android platform.

The article also says that Dell and Toshiba are entering the tablet market this year. With Dell's obvious footprint in enterprise hardware, a workable, secure tablet PC may actually be around the corner for the iPad-starved business user.

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