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Cool Thing Of The Day: Get Control Of Your Outlook Inbox

A client of mine just showed me a free Outlook plug-in called Xobni (that's "inbox" backwards) that allows you to search your email and contacts very quickly, organize their information more efficientlly, is integrated with Skype, and even searches for social and other information (from LinkedIn to Hoovers) about your contacts to give you the full picture of who you're corresponding with. Another cool feature allows you to chart, using historical data, the times you've sent and received emails from a particular contact -- which gives insight into when that person might be reachable.
As far as I can tell, it seems like a Customer Relationship Management system for your personal brand. I think you need administrator rights to your PC to set it up, but if you've got them, and have the need for this type of inbox insight, definitely check it out.

TAGS: Innovation
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