DHL Partners with Interstate and TWF to Expand Perishable Supply Chain

A new three-way partnership between DHL Global Forwarding, Interstate Transport, Inc., and Trans World Forwarding Inc. (TWF) will reportedly guarantee a complete perishable supply chain solution starting from point of origin in Central and South America to the final delivery locations across North America.

This unique collaboration will provide controlled temperature trucking for perishables coming in by air or ocean for all kinds of commodities such as cut flowers, produce and fresh seafood all on one bill from one freight provider.

TWF will act as DHL Global Forwarding's preferred provider in charge of receiving cargo from the airport and seaport and then handling and processing the shipment until it is ready to be transported as per the customer's need. Some of the services that TWF will provide include: customs clearance, inspections, storage, consolidations, pallet breakdown, and cross-docking, and direct delivery to importers in the Miami area.

Then, Interstate will take control of the perishable freight at the DHL gateway in Miami and ensure prompt and fresh delivery for all points in North America.

"This partnership now means importers, wholesalers, and retailers can deal with one point of contact, one bill, and one process for every order, rather than dealing with up to six separate entities. This complete supply chain solution is the first of its kind in the industry and guarantees that complete cold chain integrity is maintained. For the first time ever, wholesalers and retailers can buy perishables direct from any Latin American country, irrespective of location, and deal with one person," Tim Higham, chief executive officer of Interstate Transport, said in a statement.

As supply chains become increasingly complex and global, I expect we're going to see more and more partnerships like this. DHL says it is responding to customer needs for streamlined service and specialized, temperature-controlled handling.

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